Hike for H20

Sat June 13 - Thu December 31 Any Town, PA 17408 US
Build Wells in Africa


"One drop after another drop fills the pot." - African Proverb


On average in Africa, women and children walk 4 miles each day to gather dirty water that often causes disease and death.  By providing access to fresh, clean water, we can create healthy communities!  There are many organizations doing great work in countries where water poverty is a way of life.  Learn more about the 3 organizations participating in the Hike for H2O fundraising event.


Water for Good - Central African Republic

For most of the 4.7 million people who live in the Central African Republic, collecting water means an hour-long walk hauling heavy 44-pound jugs of water from streams, rivers and seep holes — water that isn’t even sanitary.  Water for Good, formed in 2003, is a nonprofit that not only drills wells, but does so relying on all local staff that provide regular well maintenance. The local staff build relationships with communities, and work with them to start projects that will prosper and empower the community long-term. When people have power over their well and begin to assert that same power in their life choices, it’s transformative for a community.  Water for Good's goal is to ensure clean, lasting water for every man, woman, and child in the Central African Republic.  

Learn more about Water for Good




Let them LOL - Sierra Leone

A destructive eleven-year rebel conflict ruined much of the country’s infrastructure and continues to have 
devastating effects on people’s lives. In 2007 Sierra Leone was ranked at the bottom of the United Nation’s Human Development Index. It has one of the highest under 5 mortality rates in the world, the life expectancy is 44.4 years old and 1 in 50 women die in child birth. In 2014 a devastating Ebola outbreak spread to Sierra Leone.

Let them LOL was created in October 2009, inspiring and empowering people to make a difference. They have come together in a grassroots effort to provide clean water to one of the poorest communities in the world.  

Let them LOL is a grassroots organization: schools, families, churches and individuals, united to bring hope through clean water.  In addition, Let them LOL provides care to 36+ children as well as education to 500 impoverished children at their school, Hope Rising Academy.  Through agriculture projects, they provide job training, empowerment and nutritious food for the school children. 

Learn more about Let them LOL.




Global Samaritans - Zambia

Since 2002, Global Samaritans has focused primarily on caring for children orphaned due to the HIV/AIDs epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.  The orphanage staffs local Zambians as housemothers and caregivers, providing the children with basic necessities and education. The children are encouraged to attend college or trade school, with some returning to work for the Well Drilling Project.  

Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. Yet, 4.8 million Zambians are without access to clean water. Those with access often have to travel long distances to the nearest clean water supply. The well drilling project provides clean water to southern Zambia, improving the standard of living in communities where Global Samaritans is already at work.

Learn more about Global Samaritans


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